Date Calculator Pro apk Free Download Latest 2024

Date Calculator Pro apk Free Download Latest 2024

Date Calculator Pro Latest v3.1 apk Free Download

Date calculator satisfied ranking is all, it’s listed in tools class of app store, you can allow visiting Noel Chew’s Website to know more about for this app band that’s create it, this app can be download or install by android strategy behind 16 API and more.It’s used to calculate date linked operations like whole years, months, days, weeks, hours, minutes and seconds between two dates and too useful to find date differences among dealings like work, holidays, birthday, and so on;

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Key Features:

Here are the key features of Date Calculator Pro:

  • Perform various date calculations:You can add or subtract days, weeks, months, or even years from a specific date. This is useful for figuring out future or past dates relative to today’s date.
  • Calculate the difference between two dates:Need to know how long it’s been since a particular event, or how many days are left until an upcoming birthday? This feature lets you calculate the difference between two dates in days, weeks, months, or even years.
  • Find the day of the week for any date: Ever wondered what day of the week you were born on, or what day a specific date in history fell on? This feature can tell you the day of the week for any date.
  • Determine working days between two dates:This feature is particularly useful if you’re calculating deadlines or leave periods. It can factor in weekends and holidays (which you can set within the app) to give you an accurate count of working days between two dates.
  • Calculate your age: This is a handy feature that can calculate your chronological age in years, months, and even days.
  • Customize the date format: The app allows you to choose your preferred date format, so you can see dates displayed the way you’re most comfortable with.
  • Intuitive interface: The app is designed to be user-friendly, so you shouldn’t have any trouble navigating its features and performing the calculations you need.
  • Claims no data collection or sharing: The app assures users that it doesn’t collect or share any of your personal information.

Pros of Date Calculator Pro:

  • Versatility: It offers a wide range of date calculations, from simple additions/subtractions to finding the day of the week or working days between dates.
  • Accuracy: It takes leap years into account for calculations, ensuring accurate results.
  • Customization: You can choose your preferred date format and potentially set custom holidays for working day calculations.
  • Privacy: The app claims not to collect or share any user data, which can be a major plus for privacy-conscious users.
  • User-friendliness: The app is designed to be easy to use, making it accessible even to people who aren’t comfortable with complex tools.

Cons of Date Calculator Pro:

  • Cost: Since it’s a “Pro” version, there’s likely a cost associated with the app, while there might be free alternatives with similar features.
  • Limited Functionality (Potential): While it offers a good range of features, it’s important to check if it covers all the specific needs you have. There might be more specialized date calculator apps with advanced functionalities for niche uses (e.g., calculating business quarters, age at specific dates etc.).
  • Reliance on Phone: You’ll need your phone with you to access the app and perform calculations.
  • In-App Purchases (Potential): There might be additional features locked behind in-app purchases on top of the initial app cost.

App Permission:

Date Calculator 1.3.2 apk requires following permission on your android

  • Open network sockets
  • Access to the vibrator
  • Get information about networks
  • Check PC from sleeping or display as of dimming


Date Calculator Pro is a versatile date manipulation app with a user-friendly interface. It offers a variety of features like calculating differences between dates, finding weekdays, and even determining working days (considering weekends and holidays you can set). It also prioritizes user privacy by claiming not to collect or share any data.

Ultimately, Date Calculator Pro is a good option if you need a user-friendly app with a good range of date manipulation features and value privacy, but be sure to weigh the cost against free options and ensure it meets your specific needs.

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