CamScanner Pro v6.60.0.2402220000 MOD APK Free Download 2024

{Licensed}* CamScanner Pro Apk Phone PDF Creator Full v5.7.5.20180907

CamScanner Pro v6.60.0.2402220000 MOD APK Free Download 2024

CamScanner Pro v6.60.0.2402220000 MOD APK Free Download 2024

Powerful Android office software is CamScanner Pro Mod Apk Phone Creator. It is an all-around scanning software. You can use it to process the files you need to scan and read easily and quickly. It not only has superior scanning capabilities, but it also provides unified document management and cloud synchronization. You can also use the app to combine the “photos” you take to convert them to PDF documents that are freely manageable. The application has advanced functions in scanning such as cutting and beautifying and can also perform OCR extraction on the picture text.

Make the best use of unlimited scans with unlimited editing features

Even though you could believe a basic CamScanner also offers an infinite number of scanning features. However, it restricts you in the editing or saving format and advises purchasing the Premium edition to take advantage of all editing options. Now that you think about it, you can save formats as needed without any restrictions and have access to all editing features with our CamScanner Premium MOD.

Additionally, the Premium option makes document scanning look much more professional, particularly when scanning IDs or other similar documents that need to be printed on both the front and back. Obtain a professional, well-defined scan that is watermark-free.

Features of CamScanner Pro Apk Phone PDF Creator:

Here are some important features:

A mobile phone scanner

The phone takes a document, removes the messy background automatically, and generates high-definition JPEG or PDF images. You can adjust the image parameters manually and use your mobile phone to quickly convert paper documents into clear electronic drafts for a variety of image processing modes.

Picture-to-text artifact

Smart OCR text recognition, mobile phone to take paper documents, search for the word above to find it. The advanced account can also export the text recognition in the image to edit, copy, save, or share the text, support text recognition in 16 languages, and learn the artifact of translation in foreign languages.

Files you carry with you

mobile phones, tablets, computers, and multiple devices are always able to view management documents. Categorization of labels, handwritten annotations, encryption of documents, convenient and orderly, efficient and safe.

Wireless printing, global fax

Sharing of documents, effective collaboration. Support wireless printing and can send faxes across the globe to more than 30 countries and regions.

More storage:

The low storage limit of the software makes it a big pain to have to manually back up the documents in the cloud after scanning. Additionally, it seems that to be safe, we must have backup copies of the documents. The free CamScanner software isn’t willing to grant you this luxury, though.

No annoying ads:

This is essentially the most anticipated feature of any paid app version, and CamScanner is no exception. Even an ad that plays for five seconds at the start of the free edition of CamScanner can be bypassed. Furthermore, a bothersome feature of the free edition is the numerous unexpected pop-up advertisements that appear during urgent scans. Over time, the regularity and impulsiveness of pop-up advertisements even drive some people insane.
For your convenience, you can use our CamScanner premium MOD without any banner, pop-up, or display advertising of any kind. And once more, without spending a single cent.

CamScanner Pro: Pros and Cons

CamScanner is a popular mobile app for scanning documents and converting them into digital files. It offers both a free and a paid (Pro) version. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of CamScanner Pro:


  • Excellent document scanning: CamScanner Pro is praised for its ability to quickly and accurately scan documents using your phone’s camera. It automatically detects document edges, corrects perspective, and enhances clarity for a professional-looking scan.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): This feature allows you to extract text from scanned documents, making them searchable and editable. This is especially useful for converting handwritten notes or printed documents into digital text formats like PDF or Word.
  • Multiple export options: You can export scanned documents in various formats, including PDF, JPG, PNG, and TXT. This flexibility allows you to share them easily with others or use them in different applications.
  • Cloud storage and syncing: CamScanner Pro allows you to store your scanned documents in the cloud and access them from any device. This ensures your documents are backed up and readily available whenever you need them.
  • Additional features: The Pro version offers additional features like password protection for scanned documents, signature creation, and the ability to edit and annotate documents.


  • Watermark in the free version: The free version of CamScanner adds a watermark to all scanned documents, which can be a dealbreaker for some users. Upgrading to Pro removes the watermark.
  • Limited free storage: The free version of CamScanner offers limited cloud storage for scanned documents. You’ll need to upgrade to Pro for more storage space.
  • In-app advertisements: The free version of CamScanner displays advertisements, which some users find annoying. Upgrading to Pro removes the ads.
  • Privacy concerns: CamScanner is a Chinese-owned app, and some users have raised concerns about its data security practices. It’s important to be aware of these concerns and make an informed decision about whether to use the app.


The truth is that considering the extra capabilities that CamScanner Premium offers, paying $5 a month or even $50 a year for a scanning app might not be the best value, especially for students. Numerous people adapt to whatever the top CamScanner free edition has to offer. On the other hand, you may genuinely make use of all premium features and perks without having to pay a single dime when you use our CamScanner Premium MOD. Thus, why do you delay? You can enjoy unlimited scanning and related capabilities by downloading the CamScanner Premium MOD if you have documents to scan.

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