Reckless Racing 3 APK MOD Download Free 2024

Reckless Racing 3 APK MOD Download Free 2024

Reckless Racing 3 APK MOD Download Free 2024

Reckless Racing 3 APK is a racing video game developed by Pixelbite Games. It is the sequel to Reckless Racing 2 and was released in 2013 for iOS and Android. The game features a career mode with over 60 events in 9 different seasons, as well as an arcade mode with 24 challenges. Players can also compete on online leaderboards in Single Event mode. The game features a variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and buggies, and players can upgrade their vehicles to improve their performance.

Reckless Racing 3 received positive reviews from critics, who praised its graphics, physics, and gameplay. The game was also a commercial success, and it has been downloaded over 50 million times.

Key Features of Reckless Racing 3 APK :

Here is a quick rundown of the features of Reckless Racing 3 APK:

  • Career mode with over 60 events in 9 different seasons:The meat of the game takes place in career mode, where you race your way through various events to earn money and unlock new cars and tracks.
  • Arcade mode with 24 challenges: If you’re looking for a quick fix, arcade mode offers a set of 24 challenges with fixed tracks and cars to try and beat.
  • Single Event mode with online leaderboards: In single event mode, you can choose from a variety of race types, tracks, and difficulty levels. You can then compete for the best time on the online leaderboards.
  • A variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and buggies: With 28 cars and trucks to choose from, you’re sure to find a vehicle that suits your racing style.
  • The ability to upgrade vehicles to improve their performance: As you progress through the game, you can earn money to upgrade your vehicles’ engines, transmissions, brakes, and suspension. This will help you to win races and complete challenges more easily.
  • Leaderboards: Compete against other players for the top spots on the online leaderboards in Single Event mode.
  • Multiple Environments: Race across 36 tracks set in 6 diverse environments, including urban streets, off-road courses, vineyards, and more.

Visuals and Performance:

  • Graphics: The game boasts impressive graphics for a mobile title, featuring detailed environments, car models, and lighting effects.
  • Physics: The physics engine provides a realistic and satisfying racing experience, with cars reacting realistically to weight distribution, terrain, and collisions.


  • Great Gameplay: Reckless Racing 3 offers a fun and engaging racing experience with a variety of race modes, challenging tracks, and satisfying physics.
  • Customization Options: You can personalize your experience with customizable controls and a wide selection of vehicles to choose and upgrade.
  • Visually Appealing: The game boasts impressive graphics for a mobile title, with detailed environments and car models.
  • Multiple Play Modes: There’s something for everyone with career mode, arcade mode, single events with leaderboards, and different race types like drift and gymkhana.
  • Controller Support: Enhance your control and precision with gamepad support.
  • No Ads (Paid Game): Since it’s a paid game, you won’t be interrupted by ads while playing.


  • In-App Purchases: While not necessary, in-app purchases can tempt players who want to progress faster.
  • Potentially Repetitive: Some players might find the core gameplay loop of racing and upgrading to be repetitive after a while.
  • Older Title: Released in 2013, the graphics might not be as cutting-edge compared to newer racing games.
  • No Online Multiplayer: While there are leaderboards, there’s no direct head-to-head racing against other players.


Reckless Racing 3 throws down a fun gauntlet for mobile racing enthusiasts. You’ll tear through diverse tracks in various race modes, from classic sprints to drift challenges and obstacle courses. The physics engine makes every turn and bump feel impactful, and you can personalize your ride and controls for peak performance. While the core gameplay loop might feel repetitive after a while, and the graphics aren’t the absolute newest, the lack of in-game ads and the depth of customization make it a compelling choice.


Please be aware that this game takes a display resolution of 800×540 to exhibit GUI elements. It isn’t officially supported although it could be playable at reduced resolutions.

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