Pixelmon GO capture all of them apk Free Download 2024

Pixelmon GO capture all of them apk Free Download 2024


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Pixelmon GO captures all of them apk

Pixelmon GO captures all of them apk of them! MOD – This match completely repeating the sport of Pokémon GO but you will grab not pokemon and piksel’monov, here the entire world and piksel’mony is implemented in a pixel type, grab with all the buddies of piksel’monov real life. Prokachivayte them and battle arenas against other players. There’s not and a management problem in a match. Pixelmons, monsters, occupy the world. Your job is to develop the collection that is entire. However, to be able to do it, you need to catch them! Fight with the support of your pixelmons players. The person who will take advantage of the pixel mon’ advantages, will win the battle!


  • This is an augmented reality match!
  • The playground is the world that is actual!
  • Search for and grab pixelmons! The collection can be built up by you!
  • Tactical conflicts: a winner will be the person who creates his army
  • The game is absolutely free and does not need any investments!
  • Pick skins from presets and revel in fresh skins for Minecraft — pocket version at no cost.

Key Features:

Here are the key features of Pixelmon:

  • Catchable Pokemon:The main feature of Pixelmon is that it adds Pokemon to the world of Minecraft. You can catch these Pokemon in the wild, just like in the Pokemon games. There are over 800 Pokemon that you can catch in Pixelmon, including all of the Pokemon from Generations 1 to 7.
  • Evolution:Just like in the Pokemon games, Pokemon in Pixelmon can evolve. The evolution mechanics in Pixelmon are very similar to the mechanics in the Pokemon games. Pokemon will evolve when they reach a certain level, or when they are exposed to a certain item.
  • TMs and HMs:TMs and HMs are also included in Pixelmon. TMs and HMs are special items that can be used to teach Pokemon new moves. TMs can be used multiple times, while HMs can only be used once.
  • Gyms and Elite Four:Gyms and the Elite Four are also featured in Pixelmon. Gyms are located throughout the world, and each gym is led by a trainer who specializes in a certain type of Pokemon. To defeat a gym leader, you must defeat all of their Pokemon. Once you have defeated all of the gym leaders, you can challenge the Elite Four. The Elite Four is a group of four trainers who are even tougher than the gym leaders.
  • Breeding:You can also breed Pokemon in Pixelmon. Breeding allows you to hatch new Pokemon eggs. The Pokemon that hatches from an egg will depend on the two Pokemon that were bred.
  • Multi-player: Pixelmon is also compatible with multiplayer. This means that you can play Pixelmon with your friends. You can explore the world together, catch Pokemon together, and battle each other.

What is New:

  • Buy pixelcoins by viewing video advertisements
  • New pixelmons additional: Grasbear, Rocky (Nature), Blazy, Billy (Fire)
  • Today you are able to use bait to capture pixelmons. It increases your probability of catching all
  • Battle Power added: the major state of each pixel on, which is dependent upon its degree, harm capability, and hit points. The greater Battle Ability is, the greater your probability of winning.
  • Amount of pokemon emerging on the map improved
  • Throwing pixel cube has become more convenient
  • Tutorial renewed.


Pixelmon transforms Minecraft into a Pokemon trainer’s paradise. You’ll start by choosing your favorite Pokemon companion and venture into the Minecraft world to hunt for more. Explore diverse biomes to encounter Pokemon that reside there, just like in the Pokemon games. To capture these Pokemon, you’ll craft Poke Balls and strategically weaken them in battle before throwing one. As you build your Pokemon team, train them by battling wild Pokemon and trainers, and watch them grow stronger as they gain experience.

The ultimate test awaits you in the form of Gyms and the Elite Four – powerful trainers you’ll need to conquer to become a Pokemon master. Pixelmon even allows you to breed Pokemon and witness them evolve, just like in the original games. And the fun doesn’t stop there – you can team up with friends to explore together, catch Pokemon cooperatively, and test your battling skills against each other.


  • Fulfills Pokemon Dreams: Catches the essence of Pokemon, letting you explore, catch, train, and battle in the Minecraft world.
  • Deep Gameplay: Offers familiar Pokemon mechanics like gyms, breeding, and evolution, adding significant depth to Minecraft.
  • Multiplayer Fun: Enhances the social aspect of Minecraft by allowing cooperative exploration, catching, and battles with friends.
  • Extended Content: Provides a massive amount of new content with over 800 Pokemon to discover and a whole new world of challenges.


  • Modding Knowledge Needed: Requires some understanding of installing mods, which can be daunting for new players.
  • Potential Performance Impact: May affect Minecraft’s performance depending on your computer specs and the complexity of the modpack.
  • Steeper Learning Curve: Introduces new mechanics on top of Minecraft, requiring some learning for players unfamiliar with Pokemon.
  • Version Dependence: May not be compatible with all Minecraft versions, potentially limiting your options.


Pixelmon is a fantastic mod for Minecraft players who love Pokemon. It injects a massive amount of new content and activities, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting. However, there’s a learning curve involved, and some technical knowledge might be needed for installation. If you’re up for the challenge and love Pokemon, Pixelmon offers a rewarding and immersive experience.

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