LED Blinker Notifications Pro v10.6.1 APK (Full Version) 2024

LED Blinker Notifications Pro v7.0.2 APK Free Download

LED Blinker Notifications Pro v10.6.1 APK (Full Version) 2024

LED Blinker Notifications Pro v10.6.1 APK (Full Version) 2024

LED Blinker Notifications Pro v10.6.1 also known as LEDBlinker displays your missed messages, SMS, Facebook, and Whatsapp. If you don’t have led hardware, use the screen. In the full version, all apps are supported, click on the top plus button and add the missing ones. LED Blinker Notifications PRO is very easy to use and requires little configuration!

LED Blinker Notifications Pro is an Android app that lets you customize how your phone’s notification LED light behaves for different apps and notifications. Here’s a summary of its features:

  • LED control: It can control the blinking pattern (color, speed) of your phone’s LED for various notifications like missed calls, texts, messages from specific apps (Facebook, WhatsApp etc.).
  • On-screen LED: If your phone doesn’t have a physical LED, the app can use the screen flash to simulate the notification light.
  • Customizable settings: You can set individual notification light behaviors for different apps, including blink rate, vibration, sound, and color.


Additionally, users of LED Blinker Notifications Pro can set up private, quiet time slots to unwind without thinking about work. You can adjust the time frame that this program uses to turn off alerts so that it suits your needs. Use the silent mode to turn off all notifications for a specific period and frequency during the week. Furthermore, friends can decide whether to enable or disable notifications for only a select few critical apps so they can stay up to date and continue working quickly. This will be the ideal tool for you to customize your notification area.

Apps with notifications examples include:

  •  Calendar reminder notifications
  • Google Mail/Talk/Hangouts
  • Missed calls and SMS
  • Standard EMail App
  • Skype messages
  • Twitter, Threema (now with group support)
  • Bluetooth messages (LED turns on when Bluetooth is enabled)
  • Alternative On-Screen-LED (AOD)


  • Works with Android’s latest version of Lollipop / Kitkat / Marshmallow Android 6.
  • Contact-specific WhatsApp colors, missed calls, telegram, signal.
  • Save the pocket mode battery. Individual app settings
  • Blink rate, vibration, repetition, and sound.
  • Scheme of light and dark colors.
  • Export/import settings (when installing new ROMS / mods, no lost settings).
  • Silent mode for each day (allow to stop blinking for the night.
  • Widget to swiftly deactivate LED Blinker / remove notifications.
  • Screen LED for phones without real LED.

Features of LED Blinker Notifications Pro:

  • Support all apps now, click at the top of the the+ button.
  • Let the missed calls and SMS appear in your LED lights.
  • Battery status (low battery notification LED, < 10%).
  • Mail from Google.
  • Notification of Calendar Reminder.
  • Google Call / Hangouts for Google.
  • Standard App for Email.
  • Additional messages.
  • SNOView— Notifications for an overview of the social network.
  • Develop manager of checkouts.
  • Messages from Facebook.
  • Messages from WhatsApp.
  • Messages from Skype.
  • Info from the Reader.
  • Messages from Bluetooth.
  • Other screens, LEDs.
  • Twitter, Threema, Messengers from Facebook, Telegrams, and conflicts between clans.

Pros of LED Blinker Notifications Pro:

  • Customization: You can tailor notification lights to your preferences, making it easier to identify specific alerts (e.g., slow blue blink for texts, fast green blink for emails).
  • Accessibility: If you rely on visual notification cues or have your phone on silent mode often, the LED light or screen flash can ensure you don’t miss important alerts.
  • Reduced Sound and Vibration: You can potentially set some notifications to just use the LED light, reducing reliance on notification sounds or vibration that might be disruptive in certain situations.
  • Scheduling: Silent mode scheduling allows for periods of quiet without manually disabling notifications.
  • Compatibility: The app seems to be up-to-date and compatible with the latest Android versions.

Cons of LED Blinker Notifications Pro (to consider):

  • Battery Drain: While minimal, using the LED light or screen flash more frequently could have a slight impact on battery life.
  • Potential Annoyance: A blinking LED, especially with custom settings, might become visually overwhelming or distracting.
  • App Reliance: Functionality depends on the app being active in the background, which could consume some resources.
  • Limited Usefulness: If your phone already has a well-designed notification system with clear sounds or vibrations, the added benefit of LED control might be minimal.

Installation Instructions

  1. Extract the file.
  2. Don’t need it.
  3. Use APK apps.
  4. Have fun.


This app empowers you to customize your phone’s notification LED light, or if your phone lacks one, use the screen flash, to create a visual notification system tailored to your needs.

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