DashCommand (OBD ELM App) Apk Free Download latest 2024

DashCommand (OBD ELM App) Apk Free Download latest version 4.7.0

DashCommand (OBD ELM App) Apk Free Download Latest 2024

DashCommand (OBD ELM App) Apk Free Download latest 2024

DashCommand Apk is a powerful in-vehicle software that displays several driving parameters hidden from the depot and calculates some vehicles ‘ dynamic performance data. If you complain that there is no display of water temperature, this software can tell you the temperature of the water is in one place. If you complain that there is no average fuel consumption or average speed, it can tell you not only the average fuel consumption and speed but also the emissions of carbon dioxide. You can also automatically save the idling stop time, etc., so you can download and study slowly in front of the computer. Furthermore, it is also a very cool feature to replace the interface skin.

DashCommand Apk Free Download

If you really like the all-digital dashboard of the Lexus LFA, or the production team of the GT racing game designed for the digital control interface of the Nissan GTR *, you don’t need to buy LFA or GTR to see such a beautiful interface, DashCommand can help you realize that.

It turns your iPhone / iPad / iPod into your engine data advanced display. Want to know why the engine light continues to be checked? Use DashCommand to check it. Would you like to know in real time what your horsepower, torque or acceleration is? Use DashCommand to display it. Would you like to monitor and improve your fuel consumption or gas mileage as you drive? Do this with the command of Dash.

Features DashCommand:

  • Professional lateral test track and min/max indicators for GS acceleration/brake.
  • The track visually maps your position, acceleration, and braking as you circle on the track, enabling you to visually analyze different track circles How to accelerate and brake a circle to help you improve your next lap time.
  • The inclinometer shows off-road roll angle and vehicle spacing.
  • Full support for OBD-II diagnostics, find out why engine lights are checked and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTC).
  • Logging, recording and replaying log files, displaying data from OBD-II and acceleration.
  • Pioneer AppRadio 2 compatible.

Customize Your Digital Dash:

DashCommand isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It offers a highly customizable dashboard experience. Choose from a variety of gauges, dials, and displays to create a layout that suits your needs and preferences.

Performance Meters:

  • Engine Speed
  • Boost / Vacuum Combination Meter
  • Acceleration (Brake)
  • Corrected Vehicle Speed
  • Open / Closed Loop
  • Optional Drag and Drop Power Correction (Air and Tire)
  • Torque

Fuel Economy Meter:

  • Institutional shareholding ratio. Fuel economy
  • Average fuel economy
  • Average fuel economy
  • over 3 time periods
  • Distance is empty
  • Empty
  • Fuel level %
  • Remaining fuel in the tank
  • Fuel flow meter

Engine gauge:

  • Timing (ignition advance angle)
  • Engine coolant temperature.
  • Intake air temperature.
  • Ambient air temperature.
  • Manifold absolute pressure
  • Air mass flow
  • Fuel trim, short and long term
  • % engine load
  •  Catalyst temperature.
  • Fuel Pressure
  • Lambda Meter
  • Air/Fuel

Pros and Cons:

Here is some pros and cons of DashCommand mod apk:


  • Empowering knowledge: Gaining access to real-time data and diagnostic codes empowers you to understand your car’s performance and potential issues. This knowledge can help you make informed decisions, potentially saving money on repairs and preventing breakdowns.
  • Customization: DashCommand allows you to personalize your dashboard experience, choosing the gauges and displays that matter most to you. This level of customization ensures the app caters to your specific needs and preferences.
  • Enhanced awareness: Monitoring key parameters like fuel efficiency and engine temperature can help you become a more conscious driver, potentially leading to improved fuel economy and early detection of potential problems.
  • Fun factor: For car enthusiasts, DashCommand can be a fun way to track performance metrics like acceleration and G-forces, adding a touch of excitement and competition to your driving experience (on a closed course, of course!).


  • Learning curve: Understanding the various data points and DTC codes can be overwhelming for some users, especially those unfamiliar with car mechanics. Consulting user manuals or seeking guidance from experienced users might be necessary.
  • Not a magic bullet: While informative, DashCommand doesn’t replace professional mechanics. It cannot diagnose complex issues or perform repairs. Relying solely on the app for car maintenance can be risky.
  • Distraction potential: Monitoring the app while driving can be distracting, potentially compromising your safety. Use features like the head-up display (HUD) responsibly and only when safe to do so.
  • Cost: While some basic features are free, unlocking the full potential of DashCommand requires a paid subscription. Consider the cost and weigh it against the app’s value to your specific needs.


DashCommand roars into the automotive scene, promising to transform your smartphone into a personalized car command center. But before you pop the hood on your digital dashboard, let’s shift gears and explore both the high-octane benefits and potential roadblocks associated with this app.

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