Calls Blacklist PRO 3.3.10 Apk Free Download Android 2024

Calls Blacklist PRO 3.2.30 Apk Free Download Android

Calls Blacklist PRO 3.3.10 Apk Free Download Android 2024

Calls Blacklist PRO 3.3.10 Apk Free Download Android 2024

Calls Blacklist PRO 3.3.10 Apk is a handy Android app that blocks unwanted calls and text messages and helps with blacklist management. Simple, easy to use, battery power from any device is not consumed. This app is what you need if you’re looking for a call blocker or SMS spam filter. The app can block undesirable calls and text messages and help with blacklist management. The app is a lightweight, easy-to-use app that doesn’t battery your device. If you want a spam filtering or call blocking the app, this is the app you’re looking for. From your contacts, you can block any numbers, calls, and posts, or add unwanted numbers manually.

If you’re tired of unwanted calls disrupting your day, Calls Blacklist PRO is a great solution. It provides a comprehensive call blocking experience with a user-friendly interface and valuable features like scheduling and whitelisting. While there is a free version of the app, the PRO version unlocks key features like SMS blocking and password protection.

Taking Back Control of Your Phone

Calls Blacklist PRO empowers you to silence the noise and take control of your phone. Whether you’re drowning in robocalls or simply want to create designated quiet times, this app can help you achieve phone call peace of mind.

Advanced Blacklisting Techniques:

  • Number Masking Detection: Robocallers often try to bypass blockers by using slightly modified versions of the same number. Calls Blacklist PRO can identify and block these masked numbers based on patterns, keeping you a step ahead.
  • Wildcard Blocking: This powerful feature allows you to block entire ranges of numbers with specific patterns. For instance, if a wave of spam calls comes from numbers starting with a particular area code and the first three digits, you can block them all at once.


  • Number blacklist (block calls and text messages).
  • Schedule.
  • Whitelist (never blocked number).
  • Entry blocked calls and SMS logs.
  • Block any (private) anonymous numbers.
  • All incoming calls are blocked.
  • Block all messages with text.
  • Blocked incoming calls (can be disabled in settings) and SMS notifications.
  • Save a file with the blacklist.
  • Load a file blacklist.

Additional Features

  • Backup and Restore: Rest easy knowing your carefully curated blocklist and whitelist are safe. Calls Blacklist PRO allows you to back up your data and restore it if needed.
  • Multi-Device Syncing (Paid Add-on): For ultimate convenience, synchronize your blocklist and whitelist across all your devices with Calls Blacklist PRO. This add-on ensures you’re protected no matter which device you’re using.
  • Customizable Ringtone for Blocked Calls: (This might be a fun one!) Want to add a layer of amusement to the blocking process? Set a funny or obnoxious ringtone for blocked calls, serving as an audio deterrent to potential spammers.


  • Effective Blocking: Blocks unwanted calls, SMS messages (PRO version only), and can even identify and block masked numbers.
  • Advanced Features: Offers features like wildcard blocking, scheduling call blocking, and whitelisting for important contacts.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to navigate and manage your blocklist and whitelist.
  • Lightweight and Efficient: Runs smoothly without draining your phone’s battery.
  • Password Protection (PRO version): Adds an extra layer of security to your blocking preferences.
  • Backup and Restore (PRO version): Protects your curated blocklist and whitelist data.
  • Multi-Device Syncing (Paid Add-on): Synchronizes blocklists and whitelists across devices for ultimate convenience.
  • Customizable Ringtone (PRO version): Add a fun element to deter spammers with a funny or obnoxious ringtone for blocked calls.
  • Call Recording (PRO version): Record calls for reference or evidence (check your local laws first).
  • Private Number Management: Choose how to handle calls from unknown or private numbers.
  • Free Version Available: Try before you buy to see if it meets your needs.


  • Limited Features in Free Version: Lacks SMS blocking, password protection, backup/restore, and some advanced blocking options.
  • Potential for Missed Important Calls: While whitelisting helps, there’s always a chance a legitimate call might get blocked accidentally.
  • Reliance on Database Updates: The app’s effectiveness depends on the app database being updated regularly to identify new spam numbers.
  • Paid Add-on for Multi-Device Sync: Multi-device syncing requires an additional purchase.

Installation Instructions

  1. Extract the file.
  2. Don’t need.
  3. Use APK apps.
  4. Have fun.


Calls Blacklist PRO is a powerful call and SMS blocker (PRO version) with a range of features to help you control your phone communication. The free version is a good starting point, but the PRO version unlocks its full potential. While there’s a chance of accidentally blocking a legitimate call, the customizability and advanced features make it a strong contender for anyone seeking peace from unwanted calls and messages.

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