Package Disabler Pro + (Samsung) Mod APK Download 2024

App Package Disabler Samsung 15.0 Mod Apk Download

Package Disabler Pro + (Samsung) Mod APK Download 2024

Package Disabler Pro mobile phones is a frozen application for Samsung. This version of the PDP engine needs to be cracked. Package disabler pro can help you solve Samsung mobile phone’s unused pre-installed software, save mobile phone space, and Package Disabler Pro is easy to use and easy to manage. It’s a very powerful function. It’s easy to use, easy to handle and supports a range of optimizations. You can make your phone smoother and more power-saving if you use it well.

Package Disabler Pro + (Samsung) Mod APK Download 2024

You can disable any unwanted packages for pre-installed / installed phones. Just click on the package you want to deactivate and disable the package. It won’t uninstall or use Google Play or any other way to update the app/package. So you can use this app to block applications (such as parental controls) or for commercial use, you can even disable the Google Play Store, etc. No phones with ROOT. Includes features to stop export/import features to back up your external storage for all disabled packages you can restore at any time.

Package Disabler Samsung Apk Download

A common problem with Samsung devices, when we buy our Android devices, we’re all faced with tons of third-party apps that can’t be unloaded into the device. These applications are consuming messy transmitters and resources. Packaging design is not easy to root, and this problem needs to be solved. You want to hide/disable as long as the download package from the Play Store and disabled apps is disabled. It will not be uninstalled to disable an application/package, but it can not be used by the device user. Besides, It prevents users from reinstalling andre-using disabled applications. It won’t get updates to disable packages, saving disk space.

Key Features:

  • App Management:
    1. Disable any app, system or user-installed.
    2. Enable previously disabled apps.
    3. Batch operations to enable/disable multiple apps at once.
  • Bloatware Removal:
  1. One-click bloatware removal to get rid of unwanted pre-installed apps.
  • Backup and Restore:
  1. Export your list of disabled apps to external storage for backup purposes.
  2. Import a previously exported list to restore disabled apps.
  • Search and Filter:
    1. Search functionality to quickly find specific apps.
    2. Filter apps by system/user and enabled/disabled status.
  • Security:
    1. Optional uninstall protection to prevent accidental removal of the app.
    2. Password protection (availability might depend on the version).

Features of the Package Disabler Samsung full version:

  • Disabled and enabled for an unlimited package or application.
  • Deletion of UK media coverage by one-click.
  • Export your wounded list later Import these to external storage.
  • Bulk operations allowing all packages disabled.
  • Filters show all packages that have been disabled.
  • Filter shows all apps that have been installed.
  • Filters showing all packages of the system.
  • Quick Search to search for apps.

How to uninstall Package Disabler Samsung:

  1. It uses device admin rights and therefore cannot be uninstalled properly
  2. the easiest way is to click the uninstall icon in this app to uninstall
  3. in other ways, go to Settings -> Security -> Device Management and cancel the application and wrapper function before stopping the normal uninstallation.

Pros of Package Disabler Pro:

  • Improved Performance: Disabling bloatware and unused apps can free up storage space and potentially improve battery life by reducing background processes.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Get rid of pre-installed apps you don’t use, giving you a cleaner app drawer and a more streamlined user experience.
  • Convenience: Disabling apps is easier than uninstalling them, as disabling keeps the app data intact for potential re-enabling.
  • Batch Operations: Saves time by enabling or disabling multiple apps at once.
  • Backup and Restore: Allows you to easily back up your disabled app list and restore it if needed.
  • No Root Required: Works without needing to root your device, which can be a complex and risky process.

Cons of Package Disabler Pro:

  • Potential for Instability: Disabling system apps can lead to unexpected behavior or crashes on your device. Research thoroughly before disabling anything critical.
  • Security Concerns: Downloading the app from outside the Google Play Store carries a slight security risk. Make sure you download from the developer’s website.
  • Temporary Disabling: Sometimes, a simple restart can re-enable a disabled app, negating your efforts.
  • Re-enabling Difficulty: In some cases, re-enabling a disabled system app might be more complex.
  • Loss of Functionality: Disabling essential system apps can lead to loss of certain functionalities on your device.
  • Limited Availability: Not available on the Google Play Store.
  • Paid App: Requires purchase compared to some free alternatives.

Installation Instructions

  1. Extract the file.
  2. Don’t need.
  3. Use APK apps.
  4. Have fun.


Package Disabler Pro can be a useful tool for experienced users who want to optimize their Android device. However, it’s important to be cautious and understand the risks involved before disabling any apps, especially system apps. Always research the specific app before disabling it.

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